About us

In a world where global communication is an essential part of doing business, accurate translation is vital. WWT Language Service is a small agency that has provided translation, editing and DTP services for upward of 14 years.

Our modus operandi is distinctly personal. We’re approachable and readily available. We work with a high degree of accuracy and deliver on deadline.

Translation is not a mechanical process, it’ more of an art,  an intricate and subjective process that requires much more than a simplistic word-for-word process. We understand the subtle nuances of the language. For the past 14 years we’ve honed our professional services, and have come to appreciate just how to be unfaithful in order to be loyal to the tone and meaning of the original text. This applies equally to any document, whether it be technical, literary, legal or otherwise

At WWT, we translate, edit and proofread any combinations of the major European languages providing a full service, multilingual projects, software localisation, website maintenance and translation.


No job is too large or too small.    Let’s talk about it.